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Data now Captures Multi-position Eligibility for Fanduel Thu, 15 Apr 2021 (by RotoGuru) As a consequence of an update to the daily salary feed that I get from Fanduel, I'm now able to easily capture multi-position eligibility. Until yesterday, my data only showed the "primary" position for each listed player.

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SB. Stolen Bases When the runner advances one base unaided by a hit, a putout, an error, a force-out, a fielder's choice, a passed ball, a wild pitch, or a balk. CS. Caught Stealing When a runner attempts to steal but is tagged out before safely attaining the next base. CS.

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MLB Scores (Saturday, June 26) Susp. Game was suspended in the third inning and will be completed on June 27th at 1:10pm CT in Chicago. Box scores contain team and player stats. All Major League Box Scores From 1901 to Present.

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Baseball Databank is a compilation of historical baseball data in a convenient, tidy format, distributed under Open Data terms. This version of the Baseball databank was downloaded from Sean Lahman's website. Note that as of v1, this dataset is missing a few tables because of a restriction on the number of individual files that can be added. This is in the process of being fixed.

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Baseball-Reference.com; The Lahman Database; Retrosheet.org; MLB’s website provides copious statistical data, sortable and printable, updated instantly as games progress. But that stuff can be found elsewhere. The main attraction of the MLB website is that it provides PITCHf/x data. That is, for every pitch thrown by any pitchers in MLB, they’ll tell you the type of pitch, where it crossed the plate, and how much it broke vertically and horizontally.

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Baseball-Reference contains a wealth of data on all major league players. Both the usual and unusual (BAbip, OWn%, Rtz, Rtzhm and many more) are included. Two features in the data display that warrant mention: you can sort the years in each display by any category amd you can sum the stats for any group of years by highlighting them.

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But baseball is a business, too, and data analyst Diny Hurwitz's job is to help his team win where it really counts --Leadership Sandy Alderson on the Modern Business of Baseball.

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